Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Photo.

I'm joining in with Rhonda's Friday photo of something on my mind. This is on my mind at the moment, I left it at home and I'm missing it quite a lot. 

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finished and no more about allotments for a while.

A sort of add on from the last post. I promise this will be the last look at bare earth for a while. Well, until next spring and the broad beans are sown.

Benjy finished the winter dig today, lots of empty space ready for next spring. Potatoes and beans on the right, corn, cabbage and carrots on the left. Many different things in between, squash, beetroot, lettuce, parsnips, tomatoes. I couldn't get on with raised beds, they were never the right size. I now lay down paths, where I need them, each season. 

This is our friend George Hicks who lives in the bottom field of the allotments. He enjoys a carrot and a scratch behind the ear and even has his own page on Facebook. George and I play Farmville together sometimes, I've often wondered were he keeps his computer or maybe he is very modern and has an iPhone.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting stuck in.

I have lots of help on the allotment from this chappy here. He's my digger, shifter and general dogs body. He likes the allotment to look neat and tidy. With all the rain we have been having lately he's been annoyed that he couldn't get on with the winter dig. Yesterday he got stuck in and finished one complete side. As you can see it was a little muddy but not cold as the sun shone all day.

Here we are all ready for next season.  The other side has been started, with one area dug. I have leeks in another and the burning bin is in situ on the third area. 

We don't burn lots of stuff but the straw and old tomato plants I like to dispose of this way. We also had some wooden pallets that had seen better days. Despite the wet Benjy got it smoking away and burnt some of the rubbish. I only burn in the winter, don't want to upset the bees or the other allotmenteers. Pampa made me this incinerator a couple of weeks ago, it has his own patented lockdown lid. No more going home with the bonfire still smouldering away. Something that used to wake me in the night wondering if I'd set the shed on fire yet. 

"Mother, will you put that camera away". Well, I was only taking a snap of that lovely bag of leeks.

By this time I was a wee bit chilly and what better way to warm up than a spot of baking. Chocolate was the dish of the day, with chocolate buns and chocolate covered flapjack. I still have a few baking supplies to use up before I go away. Pampa cooks respectable meals but draws the line at baking. I'm afraid, when I'm away, all their bread is from the bakers. 

And to end the day a chat with granddaughter no 2. Thats a yawn not a yell by the way. Can you tell what my favourite children's' book is.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Frost and sun.

It's been quiet here, not that I'm complaining but I haven't had much to blog about. The weather it has been awful so nothing done outside and as I haven't been out I've done everything inside, in the way of housework, I want to do. I have been sewing, knitting, baking and reading. Nothing I can show you I'm afraid as the sewing and knitting are presents and the baking has been eaten. I'm actually  conserving energy for the big trek, 14 days 9 hours till take off. 

It was cold this morning, we had a clear night with a frost. Here is the valley this morning at 8 o'clock, frost on the putting green and mist rising from down in the dell. My poor boy is out there swishing the grass and raking the bunkers. Golfers are a hardy bunch and it takes far worse than this to keep them from the greens.

The day has turned out far better than I imagined and this is the lighthouse at midday. Sunshine and hardly a breeze, fine for a little stroll down the hill to the beach. No paddling today, even the hardy ones are keeping their shoes on.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Beach.

This is my local beach, just a short walk from our home. Crowded with people during the warmer months but not so much now and particularly after the easterly blow we had last night. The sea would have come all the way to the road, which is behind me, covering the beach with all this mess.

The bay is full of ships sheltering from the force of the wind, A sail training ship limped into port on Monday after loosing it's mast in a force 9 gale while on it's way to the Caribbean.  A ship full of youngsters from eastern Europe on a sail training expedition. All safe and well I am thankful  to say.

 To the North, through the murk is St Anthony's light, known to us as Fraggle Rock. One of our favourite picnic spot is on the headland above the lighthouse.

Also to the North but on our side of the River Fal is Pendennis Castle. Built by Henry VIII to defend us from the marauding Spaniards. The mast you can see is from Falmouth Coast Guard station.

Even on a dull grey morning the beach is still very well used. These jackdaws are having a good old scavenge amongst the seaweed on the upper part of the shore. I don't know what they can find to eat but it didn't smell that nice.

 Some one else likes the seaweed, how about this for re-cycling and being frugal, all there for the taking. I suspect it will go to his allotment a little way up the road from the beach. I've been meaning to bring a few bags down and collect some of my own.

People well wrapped up against the east wind are taking a stroll, along with a goodly collection of pooches. The beach can only be used for dog walking between October and March, after that they have to make do with the fields above the beach.

Not everyone is afraid of the cold. Here's mum having her daily swim but I'm not so sure I would have let those two below  strip off and go in.

Mind you these youngster also seem to be enjoying a tumble in the surf. I wonder if it was shrimp they were after? What ever it was they were in the same spot all the time I was on the beach. Meanwhile this young herring gull is standing guard.  Look at that vicious beak, just right for whipping your pastie from under your nose. 

There was even a few surfers, well if you could actually see any surf. Just a gentle swell by this time but earlier I believe there had been a few good waves. If it's surf you want you need to go over to the north coast of Cornwall, Newquay or Perran where they have the competitions  and championships. Big waves over there.

I enjoyed my half hour of fresh air and my nosey at the inhabitants of the beach. It cheered up in the afternoon and we have a dry but windy night. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new camera and some tidying.

I have a new camera, it's a point and shoot type that I can keep in my bag or pocket ready for those quick pics. My old camera bit the dust a while back and I've been borrowing various ones from family. At last I saved enough pocket money and yesterday went and spent the lot on a camera and card. A snazzy blue one called a 'coolpics', makes me sound young and trendy. LOL. I've been sitting here for a while studying the instructions and charging the battery. Now clicking away to have a go and see whats what. 

Here is my work area, where I sew and craft. Well what a mess and I hadn't really noticed until I looked at my photos. Time for a sort out and tidy up. 

It only took about 30 mins but all is put away in the right place and ready for a little sewing this afternoon. I just need to keep it is way. While I was sorting I turned up some lovely fabric a friend sent from America. I am going to make a couple of tote bags, the kind that can be rolled and fastened together and then I can keep one in my handbag ready for the market. 

I love my crafting space,everything is to hand, I even have a portable ironing board to press seams etc. Pampa build this for me last year while I was away visiting my daughters. He used several old desks and shelving units that we had in the workshop. The only thing he had to buy was the electric sockets on the back board behind the sewing machine. It was all a surprise for when I arrived home. 

Monday, November 1, 2010

Sitting in front the fire.

Today here in the UK it was Samhain, Halloween, All Souls Eve, different things to different people. I'm drawn to the celebration of Samhain, the turning of the wheel. It helps me understand how things are supposed to be. It was a typical late autumn, early winter day here in Cornwall. Rain and wind, the lanes littered with leaves and fallen twigs. Not a day for outside work, no digging today.

Instead I lit the fire early. It is one of the joys of my winter, the open fire. As a small child we moved into a large old farmhouse, untouched for many years. In the huge kitchen there was a Cornish range at one end and an open fire at the other. It was nothing more than a big black hole in the wall with a mantel over but Mother made that hearth a cosy place to sit. 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A bit of sauce.

 Rhonda's been at it again, she started me on a challenge to re-organise and sort our storeroom. As it's name suggests we store things in there. My stockpile, produce, cleaning products, suitcases, shoes/boots and lots of other 'useful' things. It's also the family dumping ground. I've been at it all week, sifting and sorting. Stuff to the charity shop, stuff to freecycle, stuff to the dump.  Stockpile and cleaning products re-organised and back in good order. Last I tackled the fruit and vegetables. Wiped down all the shelves and put it all back, except the apples and pears. Benjy was going to make fruit sauce.

 Lot of it.  Some for the freezer and some canned to give to the lady who gave us the apples. The pears are from our own wee tree.

All I had to do was the washing up

and whip up this crumble for our supper.

Here a quick snap of the clean and tidy produce store. A few onions, butternut and queensland blue squash, leeks and cabbage left. I need to use this up so nothing goes to waste while I'm away.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We had one or two things on our mind lately and blogging hasn't been one of them I'm afraid. Little Miss  J has been a bit of a fuss pot with her feeding and sleeping. Poor mum has been at the end of her tether with it all. I have felt so useless being so far away. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and with a formula feed, gripe water and patience all is coming right. Feeds are settling down and sleeps are getting longer. Mum has been able to have some time off now that Dad can feed Little Miss. It's all about find the right level, finding what works for you. 

The one good thing about worrying and not sleeping is the amount of knitting I have done. A pair of socks for Pampa's Christmas stocking, 3/4 of a felted bag, a few dish cloths and I've almost finished a hooded scarf. The house is clean, ultra organised and in order. The down side is I can't go and finish digging the allotment at two in the morning. Not that is really what I want to do at the moment as it's been a bit nippy at nights lately. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Wait.

My Girlie

We had the call from Bex at 9pm, that they were on their way to the hospital. As you can imagine I  have not slept much. It's now 9am and she is still going, this baby is not like her mother. Bex was born 3weeks early and only 20mins after I reached the hospital. She has aways been impatient. 

See you later.

Thats UK time.

Here she is, only 5 mins old.

My New Girlie.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Knitting, above and below the waves.

In the week I went to a localish craft show with a couple of friends. I didn't intend spending anything at this show as I am going to The Knitting and Stitching Show at Ally Pally, in two weeks time and saving my pocket money for that. I had lots of time to look at the stands run by the Guilds and groups. This one was particularly stunning. 'Above and Below the Waves'.

This is a project organised by Alison and Ann Murray, in aid of the RNLI and their "Train One Save Many" campaign. 

As you can see it is a knitted seashore, above and below the waterline. Over 2000 knitter help create this master piece. It took 5 months to sew together and I moan about sewing up one jumper. 

The Project will be on show at venues next year, including:

The Brighton Centre  11th - 13th Feb 2011.

SECC Glasgow          3rd - 6th March 2011

NEC Birmingham      24th - 27th March 2011

Anintree Racecourse Liverpool  20th - 22nd May

Well worth a look.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Well I had a busy weekend, so much so I forgot to take any photos. We have cleared a large ornamental border at the front of the house. Over the last two years it has given a marvellous show of flowering shrubs and perennials but it had become over grown and desperately needed a tidy. Pampa is very willing in the garden but I would never let him out their on his own as I'd just have bare earth. Shrubs, roses, climbers and border perennials have all had a good hair cut, feed and mulch. I have a little room for a few new bulbs and a reasonable area cleared for the divided perennials. All good and it cost us nothing at all. Oh yes,  a little petrol to go to the green re-cycling centre.

No work on the allotment but I am still picking. We have had sweetcorn, butternut squash and my pride and joy, a watermelon.

I grew this from a plant I was given by 'Old Pete' as a thank you for watering his greenhouse while he was away for a few days. I just love the way our allotmenteers share with each other. Passing the kindness around.

More Jam, this time plum. I did make so much mess making this, Pampa was very kind and cleaned the hob for me and the work top and the wall. 

Last but not least this is the present my daughter was given at her work baby shower. She is a lecturer at a TAFE in Sydney. All her work colleagues made a square each and put them together into this beautiful quilt. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Noodlehead's clutch bag.

A little clutch bag for Dee. It turned out much better than I expected as after I cut it out it sat on my craft table for two weeks while I worked out which end was which. The pattern is from   I like Noodlehead's blog she has such good ideas.

It has three little pockets for cards and just enough room for mobile, keys and a little cash. I think I just may whip one up for myself.