Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Finished and no more about allotments for a while.

A sort of add on from the last post. I promise this will be the last look at bare earth for a while. Well, until next spring and the broad beans are sown.

Benjy finished the winter dig today, lots of empty space ready for next spring. Potatoes and beans on the right, corn, cabbage and carrots on the left. Many different things in between, squash, beetroot, lettuce, parsnips, tomatoes. I couldn't get on with raised beds, they were never the right size. I now lay down paths, where I need them, each season. 

This is our friend George Hicks who lives in the bottom field of the allotments. He enjoys a carrot and a scratch behind the ear and even has his own page on Facebook. George and I play Farmville together sometimes, I've often wondered were he keeps his computer or maybe he is very modern and has an iPhone.


Rose said...

George is very advanced!

J-in-Wales said...

I love the look of bare earth. All that promise of good things to come.

And George does look like a very modern sort of chap!

Gillie@LivingSimpleFrugalityBlog said...

An i-phone?! Wow- George has a way better phone than me! Wonder what the signals like there ;0)