Saturday, October 30, 2010

A bit of sauce.

 Rhonda's been at it again, she started me on a challenge to re-organise and sort our storeroom. As it's name suggests we store things in there. My stockpile, produce, cleaning products, suitcases, shoes/boots and lots of other 'useful' things. It's also the family dumping ground. I've been at it all week, sifting and sorting. Stuff to the charity shop, stuff to freecycle, stuff to the dump.  Stockpile and cleaning products re-organised and back in good order. Last I tackled the fruit and vegetables. Wiped down all the shelves and put it all back, except the apples and pears. Benjy was going to make fruit sauce.

 Lot of it.  Some for the freezer and some canned to give to the lady who gave us the apples. The pears are from our own wee tree.

All I had to do was the washing up

and whip up this crumble for our supper.

Here a quick snap of the clean and tidy produce store. A few onions, butternut and queensland blue squash, leeks and cabbage left. I need to use this up so nothing goes to waste while I'm away.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We had one or two things on our mind lately and blogging hasn't been one of them I'm afraid. Little Miss  J has been a bit of a fuss pot with her feeding and sleeping. Poor mum has been at the end of her tether with it all. I have felt so useless being so far away. But there is light at the end of the tunnel and with a formula feed, gripe water and patience all is coming right. Feeds are settling down and sleeps are getting longer. Mum has been able to have some time off now that Dad can feed Little Miss. It's all about find the right level, finding what works for you. 

The one good thing about worrying and not sleeping is the amount of knitting I have done. A pair of socks for Pampa's Christmas stocking, 3/4 of a felted bag, a few dish cloths and I've almost finished a hooded scarf. The house is clean, ultra organised and in order. The down side is I can't go and finish digging the allotment at two in the morning. Not that is really what I want to do at the moment as it's been a bit nippy at nights lately. 

Friday, October 1, 2010

The Wait.

My Girlie

We had the call from Bex at 9pm, that they were on their way to the hospital. As you can imagine I  have not slept much. It's now 9am and she is still going, this baby is not like her mother. Bex was born 3weeks early and only 20mins after I reached the hospital. She has aways been impatient. 

See you later.

Thats UK time.

Here she is, only 5 mins old.

My New Girlie.