Friday, November 5, 2010

Winter Beach.

This is my local beach, just a short walk from our home. Crowded with people during the warmer months but not so much now and particularly after the easterly blow we had last night. The sea would have come all the way to the road, which is behind me, covering the beach with all this mess.

The bay is full of ships sheltering from the force of the wind, A sail training ship limped into port on Monday after loosing it's mast in a force 9 gale while on it's way to the Caribbean.  A ship full of youngsters from eastern Europe on a sail training expedition. All safe and well I am thankful  to say.

 To the North, through the murk is St Anthony's light, known to us as Fraggle Rock. One of our favourite picnic spot is on the headland above the lighthouse.

Also to the North but on our side of the River Fal is Pendennis Castle. Built by Henry VIII to defend us from the marauding Spaniards. The mast you can see is from Falmouth Coast Guard station.

Even on a dull grey morning the beach is still very well used. These jackdaws are having a good old scavenge amongst the seaweed on the upper part of the shore. I don't know what they can find to eat but it didn't smell that nice.

 Some one else likes the seaweed, how about this for re-cycling and being frugal, all there for the taking. I suspect it will go to his allotment a little way up the road from the beach. I've been meaning to bring a few bags down and collect some of my own.

People well wrapped up against the east wind are taking a stroll, along with a goodly collection of pooches. The beach can only be used for dog walking between October and March, after that they have to make do with the fields above the beach.

Not everyone is afraid of the cold. Here's mum having her daily swim but I'm not so sure I would have let those two below  strip off and go in.

Mind you these youngster also seem to be enjoying a tumble in the surf. I wonder if it was shrimp they were after? What ever it was they were in the same spot all the time I was on the beach. Meanwhile this young herring gull is standing guard.  Look at that vicious beak, just right for whipping your pastie from under your nose. 

There was even a few surfers, well if you could actually see any surf. Just a gentle swell by this time but earlier I believe there had been a few good waves. If it's surf you want you need to go over to the north coast of Cornwall, Newquay or Perran where they have the competitions  and championships. Big waves over there.

I enjoyed my half hour of fresh air and my nosey at the inhabitants of the beach. It cheered up in the afternoon and we have a dry but windy night. I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. I love the lighthouse.

Rose said...

How lovely to see your beach P! Great pix. ( did smile at the surfers.)

Kath said...

I love the beach "out of season" much more opportunity for the dogs to let rip without trampling anyones picnic :D
And there's those jackdaws again, they aren't fussy what they eat are they?