Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A new camera and some tidying.

I have a new camera, it's a point and shoot type that I can keep in my bag or pocket ready for those quick pics. My old camera bit the dust a while back and I've been borrowing various ones from family. At last I saved enough pocket money and yesterday went and spent the lot on a camera and card. A snazzy blue one called a 'coolpics', makes me sound young and trendy. LOL. I've been sitting here for a while studying the instructions and charging the battery. Now clicking away to have a go and see whats what. 

Here is my work area, where I sew and craft. Well what a mess and I hadn't really noticed until I looked at my photos. Time for a sort out and tidy up. 

It only took about 30 mins but all is put away in the right place and ready for a little sewing this afternoon. I just need to keep it is way. While I was sorting I turned up some lovely fabric a friend sent from America. I am going to make a couple of tote bags, the kind that can be rolled and fastened together and then I can keep one in my handbag ready for the market. 

I love my crafting space,everything is to hand, I even have a portable ironing board to press seams etc. Pampa build this for me last year while I was away visiting my daughters. He used several old desks and shelving units that we had in the workshop. The only thing he had to buy was the electric sockets on the back board behind the sewing machine. It was all a surprise for when I arrived home. 


Rose said...

What a lovely space you have Pippa!

Kath said...

What a lovely tidy clean space! I can;t wait for our house to be finished so I can unpack my craft boxes and get it all tidied away ready for use. That must have been a wonderful surprise coming home to find those splendid shelves and worktops!

Anonymous said...

Your work area and craft space are wonderful!!!

TammyJ said...

Hi Pippa! What a lovely surprise, your space looks great!

Maa said...

How lucky you are to have such a handy and thoughtful hubby. I suppose you'd better keep him then!! haha!