Monday, September 20, 2010


Well I had a busy weekend, so much so I forgot to take any photos. We have cleared a large ornamental border at the front of the house. Over the last two years it has given a marvellous show of flowering shrubs and perennials but it had become over grown and desperately needed a tidy. Pampa is very willing in the garden but I would never let him out their on his own as I'd just have bare earth. Shrubs, roses, climbers and border perennials have all had a good hair cut, feed and mulch. I have a little room for a few new bulbs and a reasonable area cleared for the divided perennials. All good and it cost us nothing at all. Oh yes,  a little petrol to go to the green re-cycling centre.

No work on the allotment but I am still picking. We have had sweetcorn, butternut squash and my pride and joy, a watermelon.

I grew this from a plant I was given by 'Old Pete' as a thank you for watering his greenhouse while he was away for a few days. I just love the way our allotmenteers share with each other. Passing the kindness around.

More Jam, this time plum. I did make so much mess making this, Pampa was very kind and cleaned the hob for me and the work top and the wall. 

Last but not least this is the present my daughter was given at her work baby shower. She is a lecturer at a TAFE in Sydney. All her work colleagues made a square each and put them together into this beautiful quilt. 


Rose said...

Such a beautiful quilt!

Pippa, would you share your plum jam recipe please? I won't have plums for months but I adore plum jam. We all do.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy weekend. I love the quilt.

Maa said...

Working in the garden alongside others would be much nicer than working alone like I do. I do tend to chat away to the plants and my dog Lucy, though.
What a lovely quilt your daughter received. That will come in very handy.


Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful.
Eve x

Leanne said...

what a beautiful gift!!!

love Leanne NZ