Friday, September 25, 2009

Sewing and a Birthday.

At last I have managed to do some sewing, I have been trying all week to fine the time and motivation. But looking at my thread box I think someone else must have been doing some. I put this away tidy, I think the elves must use it at night to make themselves clothes.

Ben has been looking for some comfy shorts for ages, last week he asked if I could turn a pair of too baggy jeans into some. I hate cutting trousers as I'm always afraid they are going to end up at half mast but shorts that another matter, can't make much of a mistake with the length, can I? Well here goes.

I am very pleased with the result and more to the point so is Mr Ben, a very hard man to please. I even managed a little lined bag for my sock knitting and a clutch bag to store bits and bobs in my travel bag. Not quite finished this need some sort of closing, not sure what yet. need to give this a bit of thought.

Once I was on the roll I ran up a cleaning apron, an all over cover for when I am doing messy jobs. Not very pretty I must admit but very useful. Took up a pair of trousers for me, a very good charity shop find. I also found a skirt and some large knitting needles that I have been looking out for for some time.

Well off to workout a closing for my clutch bag.


Ps Just one last thing.

Happy Birthday Guinness.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More dishcloths and socks.

I received my second parcel from the 12 Dancing Dishcloth swap this morning from Linda in Portland, Oregon, aka Scribe. A whole matching set wow I am spoilt. I haven't used any of my swaps yet I'm going to photo them all together first. I love the idea of sending postcards of hometowns in with the swaps. As well as getting all these lovely things we are learning about where our swap group lives.

Here is the cowl I finished last week, I am going to knit a hat and mittens to make it into a set. Another Christmas present in the making. As the nights are drawing in here in Cornwall, dark by eight thirty now, I have moved up a notch on my crafting. It is one of the things about winter I look forward to. Drawing the curtains against the dark night and cosying up on the sofa with OH and my knitting or stitching.

Yarn Harlots basin sock pattern from her book 'Knitting Rules'. I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun fingering in Hurricane Seas. Sounds just the thing to knit a pair of cosy winter socks. I seem to be in bluey green mood with my knitting as the moment. I wonder why I do that with colours? Before that it was greys and browns but I've gone off those now. I have knitted these for myself as I wanted a memento of my trip to Dublin with Pat, last month. I bought the yarn in 'This is Knit' in the Powerhouse centre. Oh so much yummy yarn and so helpful, well worth a visit if you are in Dublin.

Today is one of those beautiful autumn days, full sun still with some warmth, a light breeze and a beautiful fresh smell. The line is full of washing and I have another load ready to go out when I have finished this. I've had a good look around the garden this morning, had a chat to the worms and given them a feed, picked a few cucumbers. They are still producing well, even the vines that have escaped from the greenhouse. I am not going to my allotment today but yesterday I picked French beans, runners, beetroot, a marrow a cabbage, sprouting broccoli and some squash. The corn is still not ripe but with this sunny week we are having I expect we will start picking at the weekend.

I want to bake a cake and make a few scones for the weekend and the washing has finished it's cycle and needs hanging out so I had better go and get on with it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knitting, swapping and weeds.

Last month I joined a new swap group on Ravelry '12 Dancing Dishcloths'. My group is international and we have members in USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand and India. I am the lucky recipient this month and I received my first parcel this morning. A beautiful lavender dishcloth with soap and some choccies and mints for my sweet tooth. I love the idea of all those lovely people in far flung corners of the world knitting dishcloths just for me. Learning about were they live and their lives is so interesting.

Although I didn't have to send off a parcel myself this month I have still been busy with next months. I won't be showing you just yet as I want it to be a surprise for Glenice in New Zealand.

I have also started my Christmas presents and have knitted several dishcloths, a kitchen towel, a pair of socks and a cowl. I still have a long way to go before the big day but at least most of my gifts will be handmade.

The outdoors has kept me pretty busy recently. I have prepared and frozen a variety of different beans and we have had a constant supply of cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, squash, spinach, cucumbers and onions. Leeks, sweetcorn and pumpkins will be ready soon. Carrots and peas were a real disaster as were the tomatoes but there is always next year.
One thing that has grown well are the weeds and I have been taking them in hand over the last couple of weeks. Oh my aching knees!