Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lottie digging.

I'm so pleased that after all the dank and dreary weather we have been having I was able to get on the lottie this morning. Glad I went as now it's dank, dreary and very wet outside. Harvested the last of the leeks, I would have left a few but I know Pampa won't use them when I go away. There were also loads of sprouts ready, so you know what we will be eating for the next few days.
Soup, stew and leeks in cheesy sauce?
Benny turned over at least half of one side and now that is already for spring sowing. My little bit was pathetic compared but my excuse was it was very weedy and I needed to get the creeping buttercup out. Also noticed the purple sprouting budding up, Benny and I will miss all of that I expect. Must remember to tell the new lady on the plot next to us she can pick if she want. Hate to see it go to waste.

Benny's bit.

My bit.

I hope to get up there once more before we go and finish the bit I was digging. Pampa promised to put up a brassica cage for me and I want the area ready. He is the worlds worst gardener but as builder and fixer he is first rate. I only have to describe what I want and he can and will make it.

The wire netting has come detached from the side of the this compost bin and caused a bit of a mess on the path. It will have to stay like this until I return from my travels.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not much in flower but I found these crinoline ladies.

Good Morning on this beautiful sunshiny day. It was very cold here last night, 2c when I went out with Ben at dawn. ( His turn for breakfasts )The sun gladdened my heart as it rose above the golf course and I wondered if Paddy was chilly around the knees while switching his grass. He is still in his summer uniform of shorts and polo shirt but I bet he put on his fleece this morning. I don't see him leave as he's away before 6am, in the summer it nearer 4am.

edited to say sorry that was yesterday but I got held up and didn't finish this post.

A sunny reminder of my darling granddaughter.

I have been busy sewing the last few days. The girls sewing kit wraps are well under way and are turning out much better than I had anticipated. I do hope they like them. I have used a fat quarter, a piece of lining left over from some curtains I made last year and for the wadding I used a couple of guest towels from the op shop. I did have to buy the binding, not into making my own I'm afraid.

I have also been making bags, found this

and had a go. I must say they are the easiest things to make and so lovely.

This was the first one, made from a set of Asda tea towels. I used the third tea towel to make a couple of knitting project bags. Then yesterday I nipped into our local discount store and they had lovely set of TT, 5 for £2.25. So what is a girl to do? I've now made three bigger bags and with the odd TT I made a diddy one for Mills.