Saturday, October 30, 2010

A bit of sauce.

 Rhonda's been at it again, she started me on a challenge to re-organise and sort our storeroom. As it's name suggests we store things in there. My stockpile, produce, cleaning products, suitcases, shoes/boots and lots of other 'useful' things. It's also the family dumping ground. I've been at it all week, sifting and sorting. Stuff to the charity shop, stuff to freecycle, stuff to the dump.  Stockpile and cleaning products re-organised and back in good order. Last I tackled the fruit and vegetables. Wiped down all the shelves and put it all back, except the apples and pears. Benjy was going to make fruit sauce.

 Lot of it.  Some for the freezer and some canned to give to the lady who gave us the apples. The pears are from our own wee tree.

All I had to do was the washing up

and whip up this crumble for our supper.

Here a quick snap of the clean and tidy produce store. A few onions, butternut and queensland blue squash, leeks and cabbage left. I need to use this up so nothing goes to waste while I'm away.


sheilah said...

I've only just discovered your blog and it's lovely. Thanks

sheilah said...

It's me again. I've just noticed what looks like the Sydney Harbour bridge in your profile picture! You live in Cornwall. Does that mean you have family here?

Rose said...

Well done Pipps! I am still working on mine but you inspire me.

Grandmaibb said...

Hi Shellah,

Yes, both my daughters and their families live there. One on the Northern beaches and other in Ettalong. Spend my winters out there with them, off in 30days. Hurray.