Monday, November 15, 2010

Frost and sun.

It's been quiet here, not that I'm complaining but I haven't had much to blog about. The weather it has been awful so nothing done outside and as I haven't been out I've done everything inside, in the way of housework, I want to do. I have been sewing, knitting, baking and reading. Nothing I can show you I'm afraid as the sewing and knitting are presents and the baking has been eaten. I'm actually  conserving energy for the big trek, 14 days 9 hours till take off. 

It was cold this morning, we had a clear night with a frost. Here is the valley this morning at 8 o'clock, frost on the putting green and mist rising from down in the dell. My poor boy is out there swishing the grass and raking the bunkers. Golfers are a hardy bunch and it takes far worse than this to keep them from the greens.

The day has turned out far better than I imagined and this is the lighthouse at midday. Sunshine and hardly a breeze, fine for a little stroll down the hill to the beach. No paddling today, even the hardy ones are keeping their shoes on.


Rose said...

What marvellously contrasting photos!

Kath said...

Gorgeous photos!

Anonymous said...

We got our fist snowfall today. I am not ready for snow yet. I guess I don't have a choice.

Chartreuse said...

Just read your blog for the first time, after seeing your honest and, I think, misunderstood comments on the Down-to-earth blog. I feel I understand what you were saying there. I think it's important not to romanticise the old days, when 'keeping house' was such hard work for our mothers and grandmothers. We modern homemakers, on the other hand, are freer to pick and choose which of the oldtime housewifely crafts and skills we will continue to practise. And yes, choosing to live simply is not the same as being obliged by circumstances to live simply. I'll look forward to watching your blog in future.