Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting stuck in.

I have lots of help on the allotment from this chappy here. He's my digger, shifter and general dogs body. He likes the allotment to look neat and tidy. With all the rain we have been having lately he's been annoyed that he couldn't get on with the winter dig. Yesterday he got stuck in and finished one complete side. As you can see it was a little muddy but not cold as the sun shone all day.

Here we are all ready for next season.  The other side has been started, with one area dug. I have leeks in another and the burning bin is in situ on the third area. 

We don't burn lots of stuff but the straw and old tomato plants I like to dispose of this way. We also had some wooden pallets that had seen better days. Despite the wet Benjy got it smoking away and burnt some of the rubbish. I only burn in the winter, don't want to upset the bees or the other allotmenteers. Pampa made me this incinerator a couple of weeks ago, it has his own patented lockdown lid. No more going home with the bonfire still smouldering away. Something that used to wake me in the night wondering if I'd set the shed on fire yet. 

"Mother, will you put that camera away". Well, I was only taking a snap of that lovely bag of leeks.

By this time I was a wee bit chilly and what better way to warm up than a spot of baking. Chocolate was the dish of the day, with chocolate buns and chocolate covered flapjack. I still have a few baking supplies to use up before I go away. Pampa cooks respectable meals but draws the line at baking. I'm afraid, when I'm away, all their bread is from the bakers. 

And to end the day a chat with granddaughter no 2. Thats a yawn not a yell by the way. Can you tell what my favourite children's' book is.


Rose said...

I think I can!

Kath said...

Oh, I have grand-child envy :o

Anonymous said...

Your baking looks yummy!!