Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Off for the day.

Last Thursday I had a little day out. An unexpected day out but never the less very enjoyable. A trip to a yarn shop to take part in a wooly workshop. Not very frugal I know but a girl can't live to knit dishcloths all the time. This is what we knitted, a fluffy cuff with beads and sequins. Only I didn't add the sequins, the beads were enough bling for me. The yarn is one of my favourite, Rowan Kid Silk Haze, so soft but so impractical. The photo is not good and doesn't show the colours at all well. They are two beautiful greens not grey as looks.
The yarn shop 'spin-a-yarn' is in Bovey Tracy, a small town just outside Exeter, in the beautiful Devon countryside. Small in size but crammed full of the most marvellous yarns and notions. I did spend some of my pocket money on a couple of pairs of new knitting needles, including a rather nice set of sock needles. A enough Rowan yarn to knit a pair of fingerless mittens and another pair of fluffy cuff, both as Christmas presents. Also two lots of sock yarn both in multi shades of blue, both destine for more Christmas presents.
Lunch was part of the package, quiche, salad and potato salad, all homemade and very tasty.

Not loopy just learning.

I'm not going loopy I'm just learning how to blog using this iPad thing!