Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sorry not many photos today, blogger doesn't like me very much and won't let me load any more.
An evening stroll along the oceans edge and a little rock pool dipping to finish our walk. Even big boys can resist a little dabble, at least the air and the water are warm. What would they find?

This little chap was hiding deep under a ledge and didn't like us bothering him at all. I don't think I would have wanted to poke my fingers under there without looking first.

I've been here for a week now and don't tell the family but much as I love being here I'm missing my routine and my DH. Only two weeks and Paddy and Pampa will be here for Christmas. The whole family together for the first time in three years. Oh the joy.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've had nothing simple or fugal to report for a while as I have been preparing for a trip. Quite a long trip actually and I have now arrived and settled in for the next ninety days. So I'm back to blogland and writing about a very different but strangely similar daily life.

Aeroplanes are a necessary evil to me, I hate to think of the CO2 they produce but without them I could not come visit my family. Also sitting for thirty six hours without my knitting is almost unbearable. I'm not a great tv lover and one movie is about all I can manage. Then a little reading but as it was a night flight I was annoying the other passengers with my light. It's a good job they feed us regularly just to break the monotony. I really hate to think what is in that plastic tray. Always reminds me of a comment in 'Crocodile Dundee' movie about lizards, "you can eat them but they taste like s***".

Flight over, back into the early morning sunshine of a beautiful Australian day. All the family to meet me and a big hug for and from my darling granddaughter. "My you have grow". A very busy drive to the Northern Beaches from a very busy Kingford Smith Airport.

I'm loving the sunshine and the warm air after the weeks of rain and howling gales we have had in my part of the UK. Although rain would be welcome in some parts of Australia I believe and I did bring a little with me but it's stopped now and we are back to the sun. I'm just about to make some breakfast and go sit on the balcony and enjoy. See you later.

ps Look who came and joined me for breakfast.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lottie digging.

I'm so pleased that after all the dank and dreary weather we have been having I was able to get on the lottie this morning. Glad I went as now it's dank, dreary and very wet outside. Harvested the last of the leeks, I would have left a few but I know Pampa won't use them when I go away. There were also loads of sprouts ready, so you know what we will be eating for the next few days.
Soup, stew and leeks in cheesy sauce?
Benny turned over at least half of one side and now that is already for spring sowing. My little bit was pathetic compared but my excuse was it was very weedy and I needed to get the creeping buttercup out. Also noticed the purple sprouting budding up, Benny and I will miss all of that I expect. Must remember to tell the new lady on the plot next to us she can pick if she want. Hate to see it go to waste.

Benny's bit.

My bit.

I hope to get up there once more before we go and finish the bit I was digging. Pampa promised to put up a brassica cage for me and I want the area ready. He is the worlds worst gardener but as builder and fixer he is first rate. I only have to describe what I want and he can and will make it.

The wire netting has come detached from the side of the this compost bin and caused a bit of a mess on the path. It will have to stay like this until I return from my travels.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Not much in flower but I found these crinoline ladies.

Good Morning on this beautiful sunshiny day. It was very cold here last night, 2c when I went out with Ben at dawn. ( His turn for breakfasts )The sun gladdened my heart as it rose above the golf course and I wondered if Paddy was chilly around the knees while switching his grass. He is still in his summer uniform of shorts and polo shirt but I bet he put on his fleece this morning. I don't see him leave as he's away before 6am, in the summer it nearer 4am.

edited to say sorry that was yesterday but I got held up and didn't finish this post.

A sunny reminder of my darling granddaughter.

I have been busy sewing the last few days. The girls sewing kit wraps are well under way and are turning out much better than I had anticipated. I do hope they like them. I have used a fat quarter, a piece of lining left over from some curtains I made last year and for the wadding I used a couple of guest towels from the op shop. I did have to buy the binding, not into making my own I'm afraid.

I have also been making bags, found this

and had a go. I must say they are the easiest things to make and so lovely.

This was the first one, made from a set of Asda tea towels. I used the third tea towel to make a couple of knitting project bags. Then yesterday I nipped into our local discount store and they had lovely set of TT, 5 for £2.25. So what is a girl to do? I've now made three bigger bags and with the odd TT I made a diddy one for Mills.

Monday, October 26, 2009

I've been a bit under the weather the last few days. Benny being so generous shared his cold with me. I just wish the little man with the mallet would stop his hammering inside my head. I haven't actually felt like doing anything but snuggling up with hot tea but I managed a few rows of knitting in between naps. One advantage of this simple life is one can do nothing once in a while without upsetting anything. True the washing is escaping from the basket this morning but not to worry we have other things to wear

I managed to bake on Saturday while Pampa did the grocery shopping, so the tins are full or were full.

  • Ginger biscuits, Benny has been asking for these for ages.

  • and while I was about it a Sticky Ginger cake.

The morning is grey with a little rain and hardly any wind. Not a good day for a Monday, not the sort of day to start the week off with.

  • The Pear tree with a few yellow leaves still clinging on.

I like Monday to be bright a cheerful with a little breeze. I like to be able to breath in the fresh air and lift my face to the sun. We can't have everything, now lets see whats good about today. It's not cold, around about 14c, not bad for the end of October. I don't have to go out anywhere as all the errands were done on Saturday. There isn't any ironing to do and I have supper all planned. I can start a new knitting project today as I've caught up with my dishcloth swap items for next month. All in all a day when I can gather my strengths again.

  • Cooking supper from this book, 5o Great Curries of India by Camellia Panjabi.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Love em or hate em.

We still have a few beetroot on the allotment, although we have eaten lots this year we can never have too many. Pampa is the beetroot king in our home and growing, cooking and eating them is his speciality.

Here he is preparing a basket full for the cooking. The leaves are cut off not too close to the actual beetroot and the root is left on. This helps stop the beetroot 'bleeding' into the cooking water.

He gives them a quick rinse in cold water and puts them straight into a large pan of cold water.

Bring the pan slowly to the boil and then turn down till it is just simmering. Any more and the beetroot will be dry when cooked. Leave them for about an hour. He check every little while to make sure they are still covered with water and are still simmering.

A little prod with a sharp knife to see if they are ready, yes done to perfection. Drain, mind they will be hot.

Cut the stalk off with a small knife and the skins should just fall away on it's own.

What you have left is a bowl of delicious beetroot. We serve these either hot with a white sauce with our dinner or cold with salad or in our sandwiches.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Dancing Dishcloths well 11 actually.

I have received all my dishcloths from the 12 Dancing Dishcloth swap over on Ravelry. They are all so beautiful I can't bring myself to actually use them just yet but I will, I will. This first photo is a set from a kind lady from over the ocean. I love this kitchen towel and I'm going to add this pattern to the list I am making for Christmas presents.

Look at all this lovely, lovely kitchen crafting. Every time I clean my kitchen I will think of all those ladies from all over the world busy with their needles. I've been busy as well but I'm not showing as my lovely swap partners must see them first.

Here are two pieces of very pretty fabric waiting in the wings to be turned into a couple of sewing kits for my girls. Underneath just peeking out is some fine cotton I picked up in a sale. Pampa is going to get plain hankies and if I have time I might use a little for an embroidered one for Mills.

Have a lovely weekend.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wondering around peeking at other peoples blogs I came across this and thought I might as well:

1. Where is your cell phone? Flat
2. Your hair? Grey
3. Your mother? Irish
4. Your father? Missed
5. Your favorite food? Bread
6. Your dream last night? Frightening
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Your dream/goal? achieved
9. What room are you in? Bedroom
10. Your hobby? Creating
11. Your fear? Restriction
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Home
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something that you aren’t? Extrovert
15. Muffins? Chocolate
16. Wish list item? Polytunnel
17. Where did you grow up? Cornwall
18. Last thing you did? Baked
19. What are you wearing? Preloved.
20. Your TV? Off
21. Your pets? Worms
22. Friends? Working
23. Your life? Content
24. Your mood? Happy
25. Missing someone? Mills
26. Vehicle? Dirty
27. Something you’re not wearing? Frown
28. Your favorite store? Closed
29. Your favorite color? Turquoise
30. When was the last time you laughed? This morning
31. Last time you cried? Yesterday
32. Your best friend? Loved
33. One place that I go to over and over? Allotment
34. One person who emails me regularly? B J.
35. Favorite place to eat? Home

One word answers are harder than you think but given honestly don't they give an insight into our lives.

A contented day.

My life, to the outside world must seem dull and samey but it's the sameness of it that is it's joy. I like my routine, my home, my world. I am happy with my life.

Today I visited the lottie with my little helper, as it was his day off. We cleared the pumpkin patch, picked the last of the sweetcorn and cleared away the runner beans. We filled this compost bin and now I need Pampa to build another. Job for the weekend.

The last of the sweetcorn, a little tough now but fine for Pampa's favourite chicken and sweetcorn soup. There were also a few squash lurking under the leaves, very small but nice roasted whole.

But the best were the first of the Brussels sprouts, yummy one of my favourite.

There are also the other, some would say mundane, activities of my day. Washing and who could not be pleased to hang their washing out under this blue sky.

There is always bread making, a loaf hardly lasts a meal let alone a day in our home. This is bog standard granary and white flour. I fine this the best for the 'workers' packed lunch, quite firm and easy to slice.

The goody tin needed filling, flapjack here, so easy and quick, chocolate on this batch but another favourite is oats and apricot.

And there is always knitting, a pair of cosy socks for one of my girls for Christmas and this gorgeous autumn pair I am making for Pampa. A little joke in our family is Pampa's love of orange and how I hate it.

After I have finished writing I will prepare supper. Pork chops with leek and bacon sauce, those yummy sprouts and a few runner beans I found on the plants as I was pulling them up. Must not let them go to waste.

I will have had a contented day and hope for another one tomorrow.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Sewing and a Birthday.

At last I have managed to do some sewing, I have been trying all week to fine the time and motivation. But looking at my thread box I think someone else must have been doing some. I put this away tidy, I think the elves must use it at night to make themselves clothes.

Ben has been looking for some comfy shorts for ages, last week he asked if I could turn a pair of too baggy jeans into some. I hate cutting trousers as I'm always afraid they are going to end up at half mast but shorts that another matter, can't make much of a mistake with the length, can I? Well here goes.

I am very pleased with the result and more to the point so is Mr Ben, a very hard man to please. I even managed a little lined bag for my sock knitting and a clutch bag to store bits and bobs in my travel bag. Not quite finished this need some sort of closing, not sure what yet. need to give this a bit of thought.

Once I was on the roll I ran up a cleaning apron, an all over cover for when I am doing messy jobs. Not very pretty I must admit but very useful. Took up a pair of trousers for me, a very good charity shop find. I also found a skirt and some large knitting needles that I have been looking out for for some time.

Well off to workout a closing for my clutch bag.


Ps Just one last thing.

Happy Birthday Guinness.

Friday, September 11, 2009

More dishcloths and socks.

I received my second parcel from the 12 Dancing Dishcloth swap this morning from Linda in Portland, Oregon, aka Scribe. A whole matching set wow I am spoilt. I haven't used any of my swaps yet I'm going to photo them all together first. I love the idea of sending postcards of hometowns in with the swaps. As well as getting all these lovely things we are learning about where our swap group lives.

Here is the cowl I finished last week, I am going to knit a hat and mittens to make it into a set. Another Christmas present in the making. As the nights are drawing in here in Cornwall, dark by eight thirty now, I have moved up a notch on my crafting. It is one of the things about winter I look forward to. Drawing the curtains against the dark night and cosying up on the sofa with OH and my knitting or stitching.

Yarn Harlots basin sock pattern from her book 'Knitting Rules'. I used Brown Sheep Nature Spun fingering in Hurricane Seas. Sounds just the thing to knit a pair of cosy winter socks. I seem to be in bluey green mood with my knitting as the moment. I wonder why I do that with colours? Before that it was greys and browns but I've gone off those now. I have knitted these for myself as I wanted a memento of my trip to Dublin with Pat, last month. I bought the yarn in 'This is Knit' in the Powerhouse centre. Oh so much yummy yarn and so helpful, well worth a visit if you are in Dublin.

Today is one of those beautiful autumn days, full sun still with some warmth, a light breeze and a beautiful fresh smell. The line is full of washing and I have another load ready to go out when I have finished this. I've had a good look around the garden this morning, had a chat to the worms and given them a feed, picked a few cucumbers. They are still producing well, even the vines that have escaped from the greenhouse. I am not going to my allotment today but yesterday I picked French beans, runners, beetroot, a marrow a cabbage, sprouting broccoli and some squash. The corn is still not ripe but with this sunny week we are having I expect we will start picking at the weekend.

I want to bake a cake and make a few scones for the weekend and the washing has finished it's cycle and needs hanging out so I had better go and get on with it.