Friday, June 26, 2009

The weather has been pretty darn nice this week (so far) and I've been to the Gylly Cafe twice. Once to have lunch with two very dear friends and once to my knit & natter group. If the weather permits I like to walk, I am a bit of a fair weather walker and if a wet easterly is blowing I would rather be in the car. Sorry!!!
Walking, my route takes me to two wonderful beaches and along the coastal path. If I continued to follow it I could walk all the way to Dorset.
At Swanpool the little boats, sorry I don't know what they are called but they are waiting for their crews for the day.

On a sunny day this path is heaven, so peaceful, with flora and fauna by the bucket full. There are seats at stages all along and it can take me several hours to get all the way home if I am not careful.

At the end of the path is this delightful view of the bay, the castle and fraggle rock ( the lighthouse ). I could almost imagine that a swim would be nice. I enjoyed my lunch and catch up with my friends, we were still sitting at our table at three thirty. It was tea time before I had wound my way all the way home, I had hungry mouths to feed and thirsty plants to water before bed time.

Birthdays have been a big distraction also this week. We have lots and I mean LOTS. Starting on the 18th June and going through until the 12th July. Around 15 in the family alone. Including this little face below, my darling granddaughter .

Here she is a 'BIG GIRL' of four now. Happy Birthday Amelia Rose xxxxx.

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Mia's Boys said...

It's finally getting better weather here, too! (Though as I write this....grey and socked in fog. sigh) Your granddaughter is adorable! Is this who you visit in Australia? Scotty will be four in August. I can tell by the twinkle in her eye that those two would get on quite well!