Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back to Blogging regularly.

It's been nearly two months since I have added to my blog. I keep sitting down to post and then get sidetracked into doing something else on the computer. Life is so full of things to do and I have been doing them at a great rate. The allotment is well up and running or growing, not as far on as some but not to worry it will catch up. I started a new Saturday job, only six hours but I am enjoying it. The knitting is progressing well, I have made a BIG dent in the stash. Plus all the cooking, cleaning, stockpiling, sewing, swapping etc etc have kept me busy.

Back to Blogging regularly. (I hope.)

I picked up this lovely yarn at my local yarn shop, I'm making a chunky scarf for Bex's birthday. I love this colour or range of colours and it is just so soft. Knitting up very quickly which is just as well as I have to post it by the weekend.
I am always guilty of having loads of projects on the go at the same time. To date I have a hoody for my granddaughter, a sweater for myself, a pair of socks, a dishcloth and hand towel and a baby cardigan for a friend of OH. I am also plodding on with my KAL Afghan over on 'down-to-earth' blog. I've finished the hoody all except the stitching and I should finish the scarf tomorrow, at least there is no stitching on that. I promise I will not start any new projects until, until, oh until next week.

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