Friday, June 5, 2009

When I opened my curtains this morning I had a bit of a surprise, as I found this looking in at me.

Carausius morosus, Indian stick insect or common green stick insect, what ever you call them I love them. They are just so weird they intrigue me. I kept loads when the children were young but I have never found one in the 'wild' so to speak.

I was terribly late with all my crops this year and the greenhouse was no exception. This morning I noticed the cherry toms have at last come into flower so not so bad. I still got about a dozen gardener's delight to go out on the allotment but it's been so dry I think I'll wait till Saturday as it is suppose to rain by then. I am always torn between sun for enjoying myself and rain for the veggies, can't win can I.
I have sown a new cucumber this year, the small Lebanese variety, only about five inches long and with a really nice favour. I was very surprised that all the seeds germinated so I have rather a lot. Some for the greenhouse and quite a few to go out on the allotment with the toms. Wonder how they will do outside?

I am never sure if I should let my herbs flower but their blooms are just so beautiful I haven't the heart to chop them off. This is pineapple sage, makes a nice stuffing to go with gammon or I should think it would be nice in pork meatballs. Haven't tried that but it's given me the idea.

And lastly three little presents this week from Pete at the Allotments ( to distinguish him from Pete next door and Our Pete) Three pom dahlias, my favourites. He is very in to his Dahlias, grows hundreds and shows them all over the place. I have been honoured to be given these three, I will look after them.

PS. Booked my ticket yesterday to go and see my little garden helper, have to wait till end of November but so excited.

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