Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Special Days

We are having even more celebrations this week. Pampa has reached the big 60, he is not the partying kind and preferred a nice dinner instead. Today is Benny Boy's 26th and last week Bex and Dee both grew one year older. They found it strange to celebrate their birthdays in winter. The last mile stone and for me at least, celebration, today Pampa and I have been married for thirty two years. Time for quiet contemplation and reminisce. !!!

A few more calories I'm afraid. All my own work, as you can see I am not a sugar artist but it tasted good.

I think everyone agreed with me.

A pair of homemade socks, sorry I was not able to take a photo before he had tried them on.

and a satisfied customer, I hope.

While I have been writing this post we have had thunder, lightning and torrential rain, good for the allotment but it can stop now thank you.

After all the excesses of the last couple of weeks it is very timely that Rhonda Jean over on 'down-to-earth' is having an audit of her simple life and has invited all her blogger friends to join in. I really need to put us back on the path to simplicity and what better company could I have than Rhonda and Hanno.


Mia's Boys said...

Looks like the perfect celebration! I love the yarn of those socks, it's gorgeous. My friend, who is living in London for a couple of years with her husband, was just saying that when she lived in California she never noticed a sunny day. Now, in the UK, it's exactly opposite: a rainy or gray day blurs into the next with no thought at all, but the sunny days are so special! Everybody cuts out of work early(-ish) and heads down to the park for a pint, or heads straight out to the gardens, soaking up as much vitamin D as they can!

Tracy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog & leaving such a kind comment!

Those homemade socks look so comfy! :)