Monday, June 8, 2009

Leeks and strawberries.

We had a good shower of rain yesterday but still not enough to really soak the lottie. I'm hoping for a lot more today. Feel bad about wanting rain, sorry to all those folks on holiday. Had a good day yesterday, transplanted a row of Prima cabbage and all the leek are now in the ground. Still some room for more, I will have to see if anyone wants to swap some cabbage for a few leeks.

The squash have survived their transplant and although it has been dry all week they are doing alright. I promise I removed all the flowers when I planted them out but this one must have slipped by. The first pattie pan ( I think that the name) there are just so many flowers I hope I have a bumper crop.

These Broad beans where sown really late as I discovered the pack at the bottom of the box but so far look good. Even if I only have young pods to eat whole it will be a crop.

Benny eat his first strawberry today, I know you aren't supposed to let them flower in their first year but he will not be here next year and I can always plant some more if these don't do well.

and lastly I have a gate, no more scratching my hands to bits on the wire netting or falling over the fence when I want to get on the lottie. I don't think the wabbits are going to get over this little beauty. Here's the engineer in all his splendor, Pampar Ibb.

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