Friday, June 19, 2009

This week has just gotten away from me, I don't know where it has gone, it is Friday already. When Benny has a few days off I feel I have to pamper him with my time and energy. We went to Penzance on Monday, just for a look see and some lunch, nothing special but very nice all the same. I forgot my camera so no photos but some very nice British yarn from Knitpics.

I want to make another felted market bag like this one. This is Jo Sharp 100% wool, I purchased in Morris & Son, Sydney. Knits up beautifully and felts quickly and evenly. Green and sea blue are my favourite colours of the moment, well have been for some time now.

Tuesday was spent in hard labour, Benny and I finished digging this last piece of lottie. In two months we have cleared, dug and planted the whole allotment. I am very pleased as it was a daunting job when we looked at it in April and I knew if we wanted our own veg we needed to clear it. Well I tell a lie we haven't planted this piece but we have stuff to go in and the bottom half is for fruit which will be planted in the autumn.

Here is a very exhausted Benny.

I spent yesterday mulching the squash and sweetcorn after much needed rain on Wednesday.

This morning was a joy to be outside as the sun rose above our wall and filled the garden with it's warming rays again.

Here is another critter enjoying the morning sun, not that he stayed there long I'm afraid.

The 'Albertine' is still in bloom and smells ' mmmmmmmmmmmmmm'

and this is 'Rambling Rector' just as beautiful and just as perfumed. I love standing under the arch in the evening.

Sorry my battery ran out on the camera as I was making the pasta but it was yummy. Will try again next week.

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Mia's Boys said...

I LOVE that yarn! And that bag is may be that green and sea blue are my new favorite too, because I love them on that bag!