Monday, April 6, 2009

I have a new Oven.

I have a new oven at last. it's very high tech and fits very nicely into our kitchen. I would in an ideal world have liked an Aga or something like that but space and the cost put that out of my range. Tony has worked so hard on all the alterations and decorations, I am very luck lady.
I have not actually used the oven, as yet! I was going to earlier today but after scrutinising the knobs and buttons I realized that the oven (hereafter referred to as 'the beast') is digital and it was not just a case of a button to turn it on/off and a button to select the temperature. Need a read of the instructions me thinks.

I have been re-arranging the kitchen into working zones. Kettle under the cupboard holding cups, by the tea and coffee. Baking/bread making area with all ingredients in one cupboard. Area for preparing veg etc. It's a slow process but I am finding it a more relaxed way of working. Tomorrow I am going to tackle an overhaul of the stockpile.

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