Monday, July 25, 2011

A woodburner, casserole and preserving.

I didn't go to the lottie yesterday as we were off looking for a wood burner for our lounge room, it took us all day. I was amazed at the vast selection on offer, all very confusing but I think we have made a choice. This one   ..........      we can put a kettle on the top and make our tea, the glass doesn't soot up and it gives out a goodly amount of heat. It burns wood and is exactly what I want. We will have to have  the fireplace altered slightly to make it fit and the hearth needs extending so we don't burn lumps out of the carpet but all very doable. 

Today when I went to water the tomatoes I found a whole heap of produce needed harvesting, how does it grow so fast? Beetroot, runner beans, cabbage, kale, purple sprouting, calabrase and a whole heap of herbs. Oh and yes the last load of gherkins and I do mean load.  I also brought home some garlic, I'm going to make Jamie's pasta sauce (saw this on Facebook this morning) tomorrow.  
I pickled the beetroot and gherkins and the rest is safely tucked away in the freezer. Oh apart from the herbs, I've hung those in the conservatory to dry. 

Casserole in the slow cooker and stewed rhubarb for supper. Enough left overs for my lunch tomorrow.

The sun shone and I did get to sit in the garden and drink my tea. My £5 car boot sale table has been rubbed down and painted with a coat of preserver. I'm really pleased with it, just right for holding our afternoon tea.


Kath said...

Lovely little table Pippa and the stove will be lovely and cosy.
We havent started growing anything other than bindweed and brambles yet, but I look forward to a fine harvest such as yours.

Cottage Tails said...

Awesome car boot find! Good choice for stove top cooking - we love ours.

Sounds a good garden harvest.
Love Leanne

angela said...

great carboot find! We are getting a new wood heater installed this friday. It too is one I can cook on. I cant wait

Maa said...

Love you little table. What a good find! You'll love you wood heater and to make a slow cooked meal on it is wonderful. I get the most out of mine. A nice kettle to heat water for the washing up is also very handy. Lucky you...all that healthy produce. Maa

Rose said...

What a great table! It looks so sunny and lovely in your back yard, you'll enjoy yourselves out there.

The stove looks scrumptious!

Regina said...

your woodburner looks wonderful,
the table is perfect,lovely place.
greetings from germany,