Monday, July 18, 2011

More allotment work.

 Lots of work going on at the allotment this week. We dug the last of the early potatoes and pop in the leek seedlings. Poor things have been waiting a little too long and took some splitting up. More rain had been forecast for this weekend and I hope this will settle them in. Do you notice my nice straight rows? Benjy tells me off if I'm not neat and tidy when gardening. :-)

I had a little space at the end of the plot and as luck would have it, a few lettuce seedlings needing a spot of their own. 

The marrows are doing really well this year. We ate this one at lunch today, it was yummy.

 The 'hoop house' is bursting at the seals now. Chillies, these are Hungarian Hot Wax, are not ready yet, Benjy tried one this week and he was able to eat it raw.

 Millions of tomatoes of all shapes and sizes, I love these little Tiny Toms

                                                                                     and these huge  Giant Tree Tomatoes .

 There are a few melons, I think this one is a sweetheart but can't see a watermelon, as yet.

The cucumbers.

Now what else have we producing, runner beans, broad beans, broccoli, beetroot, swede and cabbages. No it's not a bad photo, that's insect netting, the best thing we invested in this year.

The sweetcorn is doing much better than I expected. We have had such a dry start to the season but now it's started to rain everything is catching up,

including the onions, shallots and garlic. 

These poor peas are the only ones I have been able grow. They were eaten by mice while still in the ground and the few that did manage to show a shoot or two were pulled apart by the pigeons. 


Cottage Tails said...

Had to laugh at you having to have straight rows - he wouldn't cope with my patchwork scrappy looking placements of my plants.
I can hardly wait till spring to plant out the spring garden -

Nothing like fresh tomatoes.

Love Leanne

nellymary said...

love your garden...and such neatness too....I wish I could have an alotment near by to grow so much more....well done...keep up the great work....I had mice too once along with a family of rats....wiped out the lot in a few days, before it clicked what was happening....

Rose said...

Isn't the allotment doing well Pippa! I had to laugh when you wrote about Benjy insisting on straight rows.

The striped zucchini looks interesting. If you have some baby ones you might want to try this: slice them thinly vertically and put them on cooked thin escalops of beef, veal or chicken. Top with a little tomato paste and then some mozzarella cheese. Grill until melted. Delish.

Peggy said...

Hi, I just found your blog while blog surfing.Lovely allotment with loads going on.
We grow on an allotment in Blarney in Cork, Ireland.Cold windy summer weather has slowed up most of our veg this year.Our leeks will go out in the next few days, our sweetcorn is not nearly as good looking as yours!

Sue xx said...

I'm really impressed yoo Pippa...such abundance. My poor cousin in Harrogate had most of allotment devoured by bunnies!
How did you cook the like a large zucchini/courgette?
Love from Sue

Regina said...

what a wonderful garden you have...
i love it.
greetings from germany

Buttons said...

Your garden looks great. B