Thursday, July 28, 2011

What's on my table this morning?

What's on my table this morning?

First at this time is a cup of tea, milk no sugar or sometimes lemon. This is my one of my new mugs, I like nice china to drink out of. It is part of the V&A fine bone china collection and  was a buy one get one free deal. 

A little reading, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I haven't started yet but will this weekend. Underneath I have the BBC GoodFood magazine, past on to me by a friend and a recipe 'George's Minestrone with spaetzle' I downloaded from D2E forum. 

Now this little book is important to me and I'm sure there are some of you that think I'm mad to write this  information down BUT I need too. It is 'Mum's Book of Important Little Things. Passwords and the like!!!!   As time passes so does the memory and like a lot of other 'older' people I have senior moments. Don't tell me off, I keep it safe.

A wooden bowl, Benjy brought this back from one of his trips, I think it might have been Dominican Republic. Inside are a set of coasters I made from scraps of fabric and quilt batting. 

Nice smell, we are inundated with sweetpeas at the moment, I have jars of them everywhere. I just love to see flowers in jam jars, it reminds me of my school days. We had a large garden at school, filled with flowers, fruit and vegetables. We always had jars of flowers on the windowsills and cupboard tops. 

Always a little craft work, here I have a green wrap I am knitting as a Christmas present, a dishcloth of course and my new project a crochet granny square blanket. I had rather a large bag of odd balls of yarn and I bought a bag from the charity shop, it all needed using up. 

It's been very warm here for the last two or three days but today the sky is overcast and there has been a few spots of rain. I don't think it's going to be much as I can see the blue sky peeping through. Where I sit in my chair I can see out over the valley to the hills, I can see the windmills on the Lizard Peninsular and one of the satellite dishes of Goonhilly radio station. I'm not sure which one, they have such wonderful names from Arthurian Legend. I like to think it might be Arthur himself.

Have a good day/night everyone.  x


angela said...

Love the colour of the wrap.And there is no better way to use up odds and ends than a nana blankie

Sue xx said...

That was such a treat to have a walk around your room with you....I love your new mug and I also have a little notebook for passwords seems we need so very many nowadays.

Enjoy your sweet-peas too


Rose said...

What a lovely catch up with you Pippa, it was liking walking around your house with you. AVM is wonderful, you are in for a fabulous weekend of reading.