Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An outing.

Pampa and I have been out for the day, we have been to the local agricultural show. The weather was perfect and there were no long queues to get in even though there were 20,000 people there, it is very well organised.  We started with the cattle all so beautifully turned out.

Look at this ram, he was enormous, think of all the socks I could knit with his fleece. They would keep Pampa's feet warm for a few years.

There were goats by the cart load both big ones and littles. People take the showing very seriously and are just so pleased when they win.

I loved this little fellow, he was only knee high to a grasshopper but so confident and he had a cute little bleat, if that is what you call a goats call.

I had a long talk with several ladies from the Spinners and Weaver group. I would really like to have a go at spinning my own yarn. Perhaps even the wool of something like these beautiful Llamas, they were for sale as well but Pampa put his foot down. "No we can't keep a Llama in the back garden."

The show jumping was pretty exciting, this gentleman did his round with no faults at all and his horse was so gorgeous. I haven't ridden since I was a child but I do enjoy watching.

The vintage vehicle enthusiasts were there in force, this lovely car was being admired by so many. Not only cars but tractors, lorries, motor bikes and steam engines.

Pampa was particularly taken with this Morris Pickup. His first car was a Morris Minor, he learnt to drive in her. 

The steam engines were pretty impressive, I love the sound and the smell. When I was a child, a large steam engine and thresher would come to the farm to thresh the grain harvest. All the neighbours would come along to help and mother and I would carry the harvest tea out to the workers. My nephew and I would get to stand on the footplate. No Health and Safety in those days. We rode on the back of the tractor, played in the farm yard and climbed the haystack, no one told us not too.

I loved this little lad, he was so professional about it all and his smile when he received his rosette was as wide as the showground. 

There were loads of other things to see, the fruit and veg show, all the preserves, craft displays, spinning and woodworking demos. How to keep bees, chickens, ducks, lots of rare breeds and of course stalls selling all manner of items to use on your farm or smallholding. I could have even bough a cement mixer if I had wanted one. 
Lunch was eaten on the grass in front of the band stand while the local brass band played 'The Helston Floral Dance" or as we would call it 'The Furrey Dance.' After lunch we looked at some of the trade stalls, sat on the ride on mowers, coveted the water storage tanks, were amazed at the size of the tractors and how much they cost and generally had an enjoyable time. 
I did speak to the ladies in the WI tent ( CWA for those of you in Australia) and was persuaded to join a new group that was being set up in my area. The list of super courses that are available for WI members was a big incentive but it is something I have though about for a while. 
Oh I forgot about the dog show and the chickens, I didn't know so much went into showing a chicken but they were beautiful.


Rose said...

British animals are so clean! Mum and I remember how clean the sheep were when we came over in 2005.

A bit mean of Pampa to object to a llama in the backyard ...

Maa said...

What fun! We have a huge one here called The Henty Field Days. It runs for four days and I love to have a day out there with Petal too. Maa

Buttons said...

Now this would be the way I would choose to spend the day. B