Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pampa's socks.

I've been working hard today trying to finish up a lot of things. Pampa's socks were the first thing off the needles, I've only been working on these since February. Oh dear! They are a good fit and Pampa says they are lovely and soft. 

Also out of the unfinished basket, two cushion covers, a tablecloth, a set of coasters, a pair of Benjy's chef trousers and a new bag for the bread. Didn't I do well. 


Rose said...

Nice job Pippa, I'll bet Pampa is pleased, I think I remember them going on the needles. :)

Maa said...

Very nice. It's a long time since I made socks, (when my kids were still small) I think I may try a pair again if I still have the pattern. Petal would like a nice think pair to wear with his boots. Maa

angela said...

well done! Those socks look very sunggly

Regina said...

your socks looks great!!!!!
have a nice weekend,

Buttons said...

These are very nice looking socks I love the colour. B