Thursday, December 3, 2009

I've had nothing simple or fugal to report for a while as I have been preparing for a trip. Quite a long trip actually and I have now arrived and settled in for the next ninety days. So I'm back to blogland and writing about a very different but strangely similar daily life.

Aeroplanes are a necessary evil to me, I hate to think of the CO2 they produce but without them I could not come visit my family. Also sitting for thirty six hours without my knitting is almost unbearable. I'm not a great tv lover and one movie is about all I can manage. Then a little reading but as it was a night flight I was annoying the other passengers with my light. It's a good job they feed us regularly just to break the monotony. I really hate to think what is in that plastic tray. Always reminds me of a comment in 'Crocodile Dundee' movie about lizards, "you can eat them but they taste like s***".

Flight over, back into the early morning sunshine of a beautiful Australian day. All the family to meet me and a big hug for and from my darling granddaughter. "My you have grow". A very busy drive to the Northern Beaches from a very busy Kingford Smith Airport.

I'm loving the sunshine and the warm air after the weeks of rain and howling gales we have had in my part of the UK. Although rain would be welcome in some parts of Australia I believe and I did bring a little with me but it's stopped now and we are back to the sun. I'm just about to make some breakfast and go sit on the balcony and enjoy. See you later.

ps Look who came and joined me for breakfast.

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