Sunday, October 18, 2009

12 Dancing Dishcloths well 11 actually.

I have received all my dishcloths from the 12 Dancing Dishcloth swap over on Ravelry. They are all so beautiful I can't bring myself to actually use them just yet but I will, I will. This first photo is a set from a kind lady from over the ocean. I love this kitchen towel and I'm going to add this pattern to the list I am making for Christmas presents.

Look at all this lovely, lovely kitchen crafting. Every time I clean my kitchen I will think of all those ladies from all over the world busy with their needles. I've been busy as well but I'm not showing as my lovely swap partners must see them first.

Here are two pieces of very pretty fabric waiting in the wings to be turned into a couple of sewing kits for my girls. Underneath just peeking out is some fine cotton I picked up in a sale. Pampa is going to get plain hankies and if I have time I might use a little for an embroidered one for Mills.

Have a lovely weekend.

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Sarah said...

What beautiful dishcloths! Pretty fabric too.