Monday, November 9, 2009

Not much in flower but I found these crinoline ladies.

Good Morning on this beautiful sunshiny day. It was very cold here last night, 2c when I went out with Ben at dawn. ( His turn for breakfasts )The sun gladdened my heart as it rose above the golf course and I wondered if Paddy was chilly around the knees while switching his grass. He is still in his summer uniform of shorts and polo shirt but I bet he put on his fleece this morning. I don't see him leave as he's away before 6am, in the summer it nearer 4am.

edited to say sorry that was yesterday but I got held up and didn't finish this post.

A sunny reminder of my darling granddaughter.

I have been busy sewing the last few days. The girls sewing kit wraps are well under way and are turning out much better than I had anticipated. I do hope they like them. I have used a fat quarter, a piece of lining left over from some curtains I made last year and for the wadding I used a couple of guest towels from the op shop. I did have to buy the binding, not into making my own I'm afraid.

I have also been making bags, found this

and had a go. I must say they are the easiest things to make and so lovely.

This was the first one, made from a set of Asda tea towels. I used the third tea towel to make a couple of knitting project bags. Then yesterday I nipped into our local discount store and they had lovely set of TT, 5 for £2.25. So what is a girl to do? I've now made three bigger bags and with the odd TT I made a diddy one for Mills.


Mia's Boys said...

You are so clever! I love using a hand towel for the inside, and, I hope you don't mind, but I will totally do that. And, although I've used pillowcases for bags, the tea towels are so cute. I saw some adorable ones at the thrift store (op shop, I guess, where you are!) and I love having an excuse to buy them...too cute and too cheap to pass up!

Notes From The Frugal Trenches said...

Oh how I wish I could sew!!! How beautiful your creations are!