Friday, September 25, 2009

Sewing and a Birthday.

At last I have managed to do some sewing, I have been trying all week to fine the time and motivation. But looking at my thread box I think someone else must have been doing some. I put this away tidy, I think the elves must use it at night to make themselves clothes.

Ben has been looking for some comfy shorts for ages, last week he asked if I could turn a pair of too baggy jeans into some. I hate cutting trousers as I'm always afraid they are going to end up at half mast but shorts that another matter, can't make much of a mistake with the length, can I? Well here goes.

I am very pleased with the result and more to the point so is Mr Ben, a very hard man to please. I even managed a little lined bag for my sock knitting and a clutch bag to store bits and bobs in my travel bag. Not quite finished this need some sort of closing, not sure what yet. need to give this a bit of thought.

Once I was on the roll I ran up a cleaning apron, an all over cover for when I am doing messy jobs. Not very pretty I must admit but very useful. Took up a pair of trousers for me, a very good charity shop find. I also found a skirt and some large knitting needles that I have been looking out for for some time.

Well off to workout a closing for my clutch bag.


Ps Just one last thing.

Happy Birthday Guinness.


Mia's Boys said...

I love your 'scrap' projects! Makes me want to cut off some jeans. :) I'm so glad you're writing again, too! I love the blue color of those socks so so so much.

Pipany said...

Hello Pippa and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. Your allotment looks so much better than ours which has pretty much run back to grass...sigh x