Monday, January 11, 2010

Rubbish at posting regularly.

I'm rubbish at posting regularly, went up north for the weekend and forgot the camera card. We had a very good time at Becci & Adrian's, good company and good food. We went swimming in the morning, swimming in the ocean, not something I would do in summer at home as our ocean is far from warm. Our granddaughter is almost swimming on her own, she can do a few strokes before putting her feet down. She has not fear and will jump into any water, we have to watch her very carefully.

Arrived back last night very tired but a good tired. Today was spent re-cooperating with several loads of washing on the side and a quick trip to the market for supplies. Today photo sums up what I have been enjoying today with some knitting as well.

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Mia's Boys said...

Ah, home! I love that feeling of nesting in after an absence. And, for the record, I just hate that stage where kids don't seem to understand the concept of "danger"!