Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year and a good and peaceful 2010. A new beginning or a continuation of how we were before. There will be some new beginnings, new ways of doing things but I will be continuing with many of my simple frugal ways. One new idea I gleaned from the forum this morning was about keeping a pictorial record of the whole year. The idea was to scrapbook a photo everyday but I'm going to blog a photo everyday for the year. Some days I will only post a photo or two and others a longer message. Lets see how long I can last, lol.

First photos, 1st January 2010.

Our water baby loved the pool at the house we stayed in for the holidays.

One of the small squares I am knitting for Milly's rainbow blanket.
One day down 364 to go.

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Mia's Boys said...

Happy new year, Pippa! I love the pictures you chose...looks like a smashing start to 2010. :)