Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Old Haunts.

My dear husband wanted to go to visit his old neighbourhood today. Where he grew up and went to school. A trip of perhaps an hour and a half, two buses, a train and another bus, not something I really wanted to do on such a warm day. Things don't always turn out as you expect though. The journey was fine and I saw parts of Sydney I hadn't since before, not all of them beautiful but interesting all the same. On the train journey Pampa had described to me how the street had looked forty years ago, including a milk bar and he was delighted to see the milk bar was still there only it now sold fizzy drinks and hot snacks. We walked along the road leading to his old house, church and school. At the church he wanted to go inside but the door was locked, as we were leaving we noticed a group of ladies sewing in the church hall. Well it's a long time since I have had such a warm greeting, a cup of tea and cake appeared before us and the promise of a call to the lady who held the key to the church. These ladies were part of a group who sewed for people in need in East Timour and several other places. Beautiful simple garments both practical and lovely to look at. A group of really nice, genuine people who gave up their time not to mention their cake, to help two complete strangers. Pampa was chuffed to go inside the church and show me where he used to sit. A day well spent even if I was very hot by the end of it. We did visit some of his other old haunts, his school, the shop where he used to buy his sweets, where he played tennis and of course the house where he grew up. He did remark that everything was a lot smaller then he remembered but then it always is isn't it?

So today's photo is of 'that bridge' as we were passing by on our way home. Ferry on this leg of the journey.

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