Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Knitting, swapping and weeds.

Last month I joined a new swap group on Ravelry '12 Dancing Dishcloths'. My group is international and we have members in USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand and India. I am the lucky recipient this month and I received my first parcel this morning. A beautiful lavender dishcloth with soap and some choccies and mints for my sweet tooth. I love the idea of all those lovely people in far flung corners of the world knitting dishcloths just for me. Learning about were they live and their lives is so interesting.

Although I didn't have to send off a parcel myself this month I have still been busy with next months. I won't be showing you just yet as I want it to be a surprise for Glenice in New Zealand.

I have also started my Christmas presents and have knitted several dishcloths, a kitchen towel, a pair of socks and a cowl. I still have a long way to go before the big day but at least most of my gifts will be handmade.

The outdoors has kept me pretty busy recently. I have prepared and frozen a variety of different beans and we have had a constant supply of cabbage, broccoli, beetroot, squash, spinach, cucumbers and onions. Leeks, sweetcorn and pumpkins will be ready soon. Carrots and peas were a real disaster as were the tomatoes but there is always next year.
One thing that has grown well are the weeds and I have been taking them in hand over the last couple of weeks. Oh my aching knees!

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