Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bit of a beast.

All in all I enjoyed myself very much in Australia. Being warm all the time puts a totally different take on things and of course not having to go to work. One or two things seem strange at the beginning, not having a long dawn and dusk was certainly odd. Being used to taking our summer walks in the evening before darkness sets in here in Cornwall. We would set out in brilliant sunshine and before we had got to the end of the beach it was dark. Warm but dark.

The wild life was not nearly such a problem as I had imagined or was it that my dear darling husband had been winding me up, me suspects. Of course the old mozzie screens were needed to keep the pesky things out at night and the flies out in the day time. Not that flies were a great problem as we were so near the beach. I didn't see any spiders indoors but there was one Huntsman downstairs when I arrived. Not as big as had imagined and it didn't move so all was well there.

We did meet a few of these little beauties in giant webs, often stretching across paths or between trees. Sorry if the image is not that clear but that was as close as I was going to go.

The family weren't very keen on it either.

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