Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last week, David the allotment field owner, gave me three wooden crates. They weigh a ton and I nearly did myself a mischief moving them on to the plot. Benjy was delighted, he's easily pleased and said he would turn them into a run of compost bins. Trouble was we had a ton of compost ready for use and it would have to be moved before we could put the new ones in situ.

Good job he's not afraid of hard work as we had two of these pallet bins with the old turf in and a smaller bin with composted weeds etc. All of it was well rotted and very usable.

Over halfway and still the rain was holding off. I was giving him a hand in between taking photos.

We are moving it down here where Benjy's building a raised herb bed and an area for hardening plants before they go out on the plot.

Well that's enough for the day. You can get some sort of idea how the bin will look when they are finally put together. The old Tee mat is going to be cut in half and used across the front of the bins as a path. The rain that had held off all morning then started to pour down and we were glad to set off for home.

ps Do you see my beautiful anniversary present from Pampa. I'll give you a clue, it's orange.

Yes it the wheelbarrow, I just love him. xxxx


Anonymous said...

What a thoughtful gift. One year DH gave me a chainsaw for my birthday and a wheelbarrow for our anniversary. I thought they were perfect gifts, everyone thought I was nuts.

Mia's Boys said...

mmmm...I can practically smell that rich new soil from here! As for the wheelbarrow, I think it's wildly romantic. :) I'm also wondering which is "the wheelbarrow anniversary"...I remember paper, and of course the silver and gold. ;)