Friday, July 9, 2010

Allotment today.

The view from the top looking down over the onions, leeks, sweetcorn, squash and the last of the potatoes. Then looking up towards the various beans and peas, with the brassicas in their cage beyond.

Some of the tomatoes I grew from the free seeds on the gardening mag I bought while in Australia. I don't know what variety they are as the pack contained four different kinds. Can't wait to try them. I'm growing them in my poly tunnel and they are all doing very well, at the moment. They do need lots of water as the temperatures in there can get pretty high.

Here is the drip watering system Pampa has fitted up for me. Unfortunately he has only done the one side of the tunnel as yet and I still have to go and water the tomatoes by hand. In this side I have melons, peppers (capsicums) cucumbers and physalis. (spelling) Below is my first melon, it's about 4" across a the moment. See the wheat sprouting in the straw, I have to pull it up every few days or it would take over the bed.

Oh dear! a bit late for this poor lettuce but it was the last of this batch. Pity I don't have any chickens to eat it up.

The next lot of broad beans in flower, these look like they are going to produce a good crop. Our first two rows are just about finished. I'm going to pick the last today.

I have lots of baby butternut squash, not grow these before I hope they keep well or I'm going to have to puree lots for soup.

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Rose said...

It looks so productive!