Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Starting my Afghan.

I,m knitting along with Rhonda Jean on the 'Down to Earth' blog and I need to record my progress. We are making an Afghan, rug, blanket, call it what you will and how big it ends up is more to do with time then anything else. Well with me it is.

I made a good start when I went up the coast at the weekend. Not a thing to do but go for a stroll and knit. I don't know what I will be like when I eventually go home to the UK after my visit. At least I will have missed the worst of the winter.

Well back to the Afghan, I have chosen greens, browns and pinks, all my favorite colours.

Here is the first garter stitch square. I am using a size smaller needle just because I love this pair of needles I bought at the op shop a few weeks ago. Squares are coming out at about 14cm. Ten down only another one hundred and twelve to go.

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