Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Knitting.

I have been back to Ettalong for the week and the knitting is coming out thick and fast. B and A don't have the internet and TV reception is very poor because of the mountains so lovely peace and quite.

I love the way I travel to visit. From D and A's home I take a bus trip right along the Northern Beaches to Palm Beach and then the ferry to Ettalong. What better way to travel in this lovely weather. I not sure about the ocean crossing in the winter months but I don't have to think about that for a few years yet.

I go home next week and I have been trying to get a real head start with the afghan, I'm up to thirty something squares now, as when I'm home I won't have so much free time.

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Pipany said...

Lovely to see you have started your own blog Pippa. Such pretty squares for the rug. Our allotment is only ahead thanks to Dave's determination to get the beds dug last half term! Which allotments are you with? I am intrigued! x