Sunday, May 8, 2011

When I was sorting out the strawberries last autumn I potted up a dozen plants to put in the hoop house. I was hoping for a few early fruits when the weather would still be chilly outside. The flowers were very  encouraging and we were getting quite excited. 

We watched the fruits swelling and pinking up. Benjy even managed to taste one last weekend and they held promise of things to come. Thursday we thought we might collect some to put on top of a trifle. I even took a bowl to collect them in. 

We had had a thief in the night and he or she had filled their larder with our beautiful strawberries. Ha, not one left for us. 

On a more cheerful note, this is for Tony. Three leeks and six water melons. 

See you later.


Rose said...

Great to see my Aussie seeds flourishing in Old Blighty!
We ended up sharing nine watermelons with friends and neighbours. Hope they respond to your TLC.

Too bad about the strawberries -- never mind there will be more.

Maa said...

What are these people thinking! If they're that desperate that they feel the need to steal, why not ask. I'm sure you would gladly have offered them a few. Better keep a watch out for the next lot.
Leave a note with them and ask the culprits to smile for the camera. I can just see them looking for a camera...Haha! It just might deter them.

Lisa said...

OMG....did someone really steal from your hoop house. I think you need to set a trap Pippa.....what a nerve!

TammyJ said...

They stole the potted plants? Oh my Goodness. Well I hope it was someone needy but feel sure they would have just taken the fruit so more likely someone greedy! They were looking great Pippa.

Rachael said...

That's awful that your strawberries were stolen.
Good Luck with your other plants.

Scarlet said...

There have been thefts of soft fruit down on our allotment too. Entire fruit cages have been stripped of their berries. It makes me hopping mad.