Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gyllyngvase Beach - Falmouth - Photos of Cornwall

Gyllyngvase Beach - Falmouth - Photos of Cornwall

Knit and Natter knitting club today. This is where I go on a wednesday morning, I sit and knit and chat and drink tea. It's lovely to met old friends and make new ones. We often have people joins us that are on holiday, regretting they don't have their knitting with them but never mind they can talk to likeminded friends. 
This beach is near my home and I can walk there in a few minutes. This walk takes me down the hill to our nearest small beach, along the cliff path to the next cove, where the cafe' sits. I love being here at all times of the year. Winter when the seas are running high and fast, waves on the beach and white seahorses out on the horizon. Summer when the beach is busy with families enjoying themselves, the hardened swimmers and the hundreds of holidaymakers. The cafe' is busy then but we can sit outside under the canopy and 'take the air'. 
I particularly like this club as the members are of different ages, we have young students from the local university, mums whose children have not long started school, old hands like me and seniors who are a mine of knowledge. Everyone is welcome, you don't have to attend every week or even every month, just when you feel like it. Knitting is not compulsory, we have one lady who attends every week but I've never seen her pick up a pair of needles while there. 

See you later after my knitting fix. x


Kath said...

Your group sounds very enjoyable Pippa, with such a mixed age range. I did smile at the lady who comes but dosent knit :-D
How lovely that knitting has had such a resurgence, it's so relaxing and totally transportable.

Lisa said...

Looks like a great spot to knit and chat.

Rose said...

It looks lovely Pippa but how is it pronounced?

Maa said...

That reminds me to go and see when the knitting group starts again here.I called in last year and they had just stopped for the summer. I was told to call them to find out when they take up the needles again in March. So thank you for the timely reminder.
Going off to look at the photos of one of my favourite places on earth Pippa. Maa

angela said...

sounds like my quilting class on Wednesday mornings. We all sit and sew and chat. Its a great way to make new friends, meet people who are different ages, and gain wonderful experience and wisdom.