Sunday, March 13, 2011

Allotment diary. March.

2nd week.

The whole allotment was ready for planting but I've now sourced a supply of scaffold planks and we hope to make six raised beds on one side. This is going to hold up sowing by a week or so but to bring things  along I've started some things off in modular trays and popped them into the poly tunnel. So far the shallots are in and I've a tray of beetroot all tuck up. Tomorrow I'll do the onions and sow a tray of spinach, parsnips and broad beans. 
I have five different named potatoes to plant this year, all first or second earlies plus a salad potato. Four are chitting nicely but the Lady Balfour is a bit slow. Popped on the conservatory windowsill to bring thing along. 
All the seeds have arrived from the various suppliers but I think I need some more beetroot. I don't think the one packet I have ordered will give us the crop we will need.
One thing I do need is a marker pen that doesn't wash off in the rain, a Sharpie pen. 

For those of you from the D2E forum here are Rhonda, Hanno and Alice inspecting my compost bin. Not much in it at the moment.


Rose said...

lol at Rhonda & co. It's nice to hear allotment news again.

Kath said...

"spinach, parsnips and broad beans" 3 of my favourite veg!
How exciting to have all these wonderful crops. i am so looking forward to growing something other than large quantities of brambles and nettles LOL