Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Using up the tomatoes.

Today we started our preserving. Benjy was doing the cooking, I was his sou chef and KP. I love when we cook together, even when he tips a bottle of fish sauce over me. Pooh, I did smell for a while.

We started with good old Hugh and his Glutney Chutney. This is a recipe that can be changed to suit what you have to preserve. We had courgettes, onion, apples, marrow and loads of tomatoes. With sultanas, sugar, vinegar, a touch of chilli and a little bag of spices, you have a very yummy chutney.

When everything is added to the pan I always have a moment of thinking " Oh dear, there is far too much" but as it slowly cooks away done it goes.

Next on the list, chilli jam from this Marie Claire book, I love this name. Chillies, more tomatoes and long slow cooking produced a hhhhhot spicey relish. Much too hot for me but the boys love it. It's also ready to eat immediately. It does improve, apparently, with keeping but very nice fresh.

I'm afraid I'm in the bad books as I let it catch on the bottom of the pan but not enough to ruin it. Just transferred it to a clean pan and went on cooking. 

This version of Glutney Chutney is quite pale but very tasty. It needs time to mature and I will be putting this in the store room for a few weeks. 

Here is the Chilli jam, there was more but the boys and Pampa ate it with there burgers at supper.

I was out yesterday gleaning blackberries from the allotment hedge rows. Managed to pick about two pounds in twenty minutes. I've cooked them down with lemon juice and tomorrow they will be turned into bramble jelly. Pampa is not keen on blackberry pips and so I'm being nice to him.

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