Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweetcorn, beans and other

Sweetcorn, loads of it. Good job we all love it in all it's guises. I sowed 110 seeds and 109 have germinated. These were sown at home as the naughty little rodents at the allotment had eaten my first sowing. I've now put them out in my little greenhouse at home to harden off and in a few weeks they can go to the lottie.

Various beans and a few courgettes out in the greenhouse.

Again all the butternut squash germinated, where will I put them all? Never can bear to throw a plant away. Perhaps that is why last year I ended up with half a ton of various squash and pumpkin.

Trays of brassicas I potted on earlier in the week. Calabrese, PSB, Savoy cabbage and one or two hard white, for the coleslaw.

These were a few extra strawberry runners I didn't know what to do with. I potted them up and stashed them in the tunnel. Flowering already, I do hope we get a decent crop as I'd love to make jam from my own fruit.

First early potatoes planted about a month ago are already showing their heads above ground. I believe these are call Coleen. I also have a few rows of Maris Bard and a salad potato, Charlotte.

and last but not least these are my new friends, Rosemary and Thyme the piggie wigs. Our allotments are part of a small farm and these two have invaded the plot fields. Love a good scratch and a carrot or two.

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