Friday, August 28, 2009

Time!!! Time is something that is never there when I need it. I wish I could order up an extra few hours for me time. But it is not to be at the moment so I will just have to get on with it.

I did get a trip away at the end of July, with my little lad Paddy. He took me to Dublin for a birthday treat. We share similar interests of history, architecture, museums, art galleries and the such. We walked are socks off, ate far far to much and slept very well each night.

I don't fly very often and the flight from our local airport to Dublin was an experience in it self. Thank goodness it only took forty five minutes.

The rest of this month has been taken up with life and an accident to Benny's hand. He fell at work and smashed his finger, resulting in a late night trip to A & E. An operation to reconstruct the bone, wires, screws and metal plates and physio everyday until he can fold his hand into a fist. I can report now that the hand is responding well.

There has been lots of waiting in this little episode, lots of knitting time. I have finished one pair of socks, started another and made good progress with a set of dishcloths for a swap. I haven't made much headway in the stash busting as all the yarn I've used for these projects was acquired in Dublin. lol.

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