Friday, August 19, 2011

Bits and pieces.

I've been enjoying a couple of weeks of gentle homemaking, staying within my home and garden with the daily trip to the lottie for watering and harvesting and other horticultural activities. There has been some baking, I was given this magazine, it's a BBC Good Food special edition called 'Baking', it was well worth the £3.50. 

I made this for myself for my birthday, it doesn't look much but it was very good, cinnamon and chocolate. Since I have been on my diet I've lost my overly sweet tooth and a small slice was more than enough, but the boys polished it off no problems.

 Rhonda over at D2E has been blogging about using loose tea in a tea pot instead of all those 'disposable' tea bags. Here's my little pot for my daytime cups of tea, only me in the daytime. I like English Breakfast for my morning tea and Earl Grey for later in the day. 

I've been sorting out a few vintage pillowcases (bought in the Op shops of NSW) to make another quilt, this time for our bed. I've opted for smaller squares this time, 6inch. Well they are all cut and sorted into some sort of colour order, all I need to do now is start sewing. 

Something new from the lottie, egg plant or aubergine. I've not grown these before, didn't I do well, these a little beauties. I turned them into a Moussaka, something else I haven't made before. It was good, I noticed Pampa had seconds.

Potting up a few more strawberry plants, I might actually get some berries next year if I can keep the mice off them.

Also been learning how to work this new piece of technology. I think this Ipad will be easy for me to carry on my travels. It's certainly easy to use and I can use it like a Kindle as well.

Last but not least there has been lots of this going on. My blankie is quite large now, it takes a while to complete a round and a whole ball of yarn. 

There has been an awful lot of housework done as well, the house is sparkling. I might not feel like it next week so I'm getting as much done while I'm in the mood.


Sue xx said...

Well done Pippa...lots of lovely things going on and plans in the making. I love moussaka and also shallow fry slices of eggplant as a side

Maa said...

It's nice to have some quiet time at home. Just doing the normal things and enjoying the rhythm of each day. Lovely to see you again Pip. Maa