Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lots going on outside.

The weather in Cornwall has been just right for allotment work and let me tell you we have been doing a awful lot of that. It mostly been hard hard landscaping and general maintenance, stuff we hadn't been able to do over winter.

The raised beds have gone in, six down the lefthand side. The blue hoop you see will hold the insect net to stop those dratted caterpillars eating all my greens. 

This arrived last week, on the only day it poured with rain. There was a lot more but I didn't remember to take a snap until the rain stopped. Benjy and I moved the lot, up the hill to our plot. It's green chippings, from the local tree surgeon, he charges £20 a load, bargain I say. 

We have used it to cover the paths both outside and in the poly tunnel. Cleaner feet from now on, I hope. The smell is divine, all piney and fresh and not one splash of chemical cleaner in sight.

Pampa made another gate at the bottom of the plot, nothing is ever small but it is very impressive. All I need now is a name for the plot, any ideas? 

I was also gifted, from freecycle, these slab. Benjy wanted to make a sitting area and we thought we could incorporate this into our cutting garden. We'll grow sweetpeas and other flowers for the house, plus anything to attract 'good' insects into the allotment. 

Oh and don't worry about Pampa, I've haven't been making him work. I do take him with me and he 'oversees' our work. What you can't see behind those dark glasses is that he's fast asleep and snoring ever so gently.

Potatoes under the fleece, these are now though the soil and I've earthed them up. The fleece has been packed away for another year, I hope. The two bed to the right have shallots, garlic and onions, covered by netting to stop the pesky birds pulling them out. 


Maa said...

You have been busy! The gardens are looking great and you've given me some good ideas for my new vege gardens I'll be putting in. Mine will be a lot slower as it's going to be just me doing the hard 'yakka'..but I'll get there.
Hope you're well and the weather is kimd to you. Maa.

Kath said...

Very impressive! I can't wait to be able to grow something other than nettles and brambles LOL
Good old Freecycle, we have managed to give away things we never expected people to want!

Lisa said...'ve all been busy! It looks great and I'm sure it will give you a wonderful harvest.

Rose said...

Pippa you and Benjy are making great progress -- I figured you must be in the allotment by now.

Cottage Tails said...

I'm going to enjoy watching the progress.
Lots of work - but soo worth it.

Love Leanne