Saturday, January 8, 2011


Now what's this all about? How is a body supposed to lose a few extra kgs with this sort of temptation. Benjy's honeycomb from Gary and George's 'Your place or mine'. 

Benjy has been experimenting with various concoctions for this scrummy, crispy confectionary for the last few days. Of course as chief tester I've had my work cut out. The first attempt was unusual to say the least. Benjy didn't read the label on the honey jar and we had 'CHILLI' flavoured honeycomb. The next lot set like lead but not to be beaten he tried another recipe and hey presto honeycomb.


Maa said...

Oh...norti-norti!!(pointing finger)

Looks too good to be true. I must cover my eyes and tell myself I didn't see this post. lol! Maa

Kath said...

Do you do mail order? :-D

Rose said...

Kath took the words right out of my mouth!