Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not having had one of these for almost three weeks, equalled;

Lots of this over the weekend.

Caught up now, thank goodness. :-)

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Andrea M said...

I am new to your blog. First of all...I LOVE it. Secondly...where did you get your laundry hanging rack? I am a lone "freak" over here in Washington State ( USA). From September 2009 until today I have only used my indoor electric dryer 21 times. EVERYTHING else has been hung on drying racks. The ones I have are long and narrow, so they take up quite a bit of my living room. It is not a big deal since I can move it if we have company. My true friends laugh at it, but are amazed by the over $50 bucks per month that I am saving by not using my dryer. From your picture, it looks like it holds quite a large load(s) of laundry. Please tell me the cost and maybe a website please, if you can. I have looked everywhere and just cannot find something like this. Thanks again for all of your inspiring things that you post. I appreciate the fellow frugal being that you are.
Rainy and Wintery hugs,