Friday, March 19, 2010

It's raining and I'm glad for a change. For the last little while I have done very little but dig and rake and sow and shift manure. I need a little crafting time at home.

Yes, this lot.

The allotment is now ready for the spring and I think just in time. We have been having some Ok weather for the last week or so, before it was dry but very cold, not bad for the digging part.
We have been making a start on a fruit garden. A row of summer fruiting raspberries, you can just see them if you look hard enough.

A Couple of apple trees, a 'wall' of strawberries and even a rhubarb crown. I hope to add a gooseberry, black and red currants and a plum or damson tree but they will have to wait for next season.

That's next doors poly tunnel but Benjy and I have prepared the plot for our tunnel. 10ft x 20ft, it sounded so big when I was ordering it but I'm sure we will fill it with lots of goodies. The windowsill in the conservatory is beginning to sag and I have now moved on to the sitting room. I have pots of chillies, peppers, cues, tomatoes and squashes balanced on the radiator, for bottom heat you understand.
Oh by the way a large lorry delivered the tunnel yesterday. Well it delivered a pile of metal tubes, wooden planks, plastic sheeting and loads of nuts and bolts. I think the males of the family will be in for a treat this weekend. I'm having nothing to do with it until I can go inside and plant things.

Apart from the digging we have been sowing a planting as well. Spinach in the first bit of bare ground, broad beans in the second and tucked up under that fleece are our first early potatoes. There was even a little sunshine while we were working this week. Can you see my shadow?

And the crafting, well I didn't get much of that done as I was wearing my chauffeurs hat most of the afternoon. There is always tomorrow!!

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